What Is Feliway for Cats

Pets, even cats, want to have a buddy to keep them company. Introducing a new cat to your cat though is problematic. Cats are much more territorial than dogs so you will definitely see hierarchical issues play out. The fighting and hissing is scary to watch. Fortunately, Feliway resolves the hierarchical issue. And Feliway works immediately!

Feliway is a synthetic feline pheromone. Spraying the air, and not the cat, comforts your cat. You can choose between a hand-held, non-aerosol spray or the plugged-in diffuser. The diffuser automatically releases the pheromone into the air. Humans cannot detect the Feliway; cats though are susceptible to the feline pheromone.

A difficult Cat is an Unhappy Cat

When the daily routine is changed, your cat is not really being difficult; he/she is only working out the changes in the routine in his/her environment. Cats do not like a change in their routine at all. For a senior cat or for a cat that has a medical condition, the stress of a change can make the cat sick.

List of changes that upsets a cat’s routine:

  1. Bringing home a new baby
  2. Moving to a new house
  3. Bringing in new furniture
  4. Your going on vacation and having a pet sitter take care of your cat

As mentioned above, senior cats, especially, can make themselves sick when his/her routine is changed. Every cat carries the Herpes virus, which is not contagious to humans. When a cat gets stressed out from the change in his/her environment, the Herpes virus manifests itself. The cat stops eating and drinking, eyes start watering. As a pet sitter, I needed to take a senior cat to the ER when her human went on a two week vacation. The cause of the illness was her routine had been changed. For more information about cat Herpes, you can visit Pet.WebMD.

Feliway Comforts Your Cat

Spraying the Feliway in the air will comfort your cat immediately. It is also a comfort to the human to see the hierarchal issue stop. When I introduced Bootsie to Annabella, I was amazed at how quickly the product worked. Today, Bootsie and Annabella are a forever love story. Cats are sentient creatures, and have the same emotions as humans. Bootsie loves Annabella, and I truly believe that the Feliway made this love story happen.

In Conclusion

Feliway is not used continually. As soon as, your cat starts feeling comfortable, you discontinue using the Feliway. This, of course, saves you money in the future. The cost of the diffuser is same in stores such as, Amazon.com and Chewy.com 

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