Uncontrollable Barking Controlled by Thunderease

Celebrate good times. Come on.

I have been waiting a long time for someone to invent a dog pheromone to control anxiety and to control non-stop barking. Thunderease is a natural remedy that curbs bad pet behaviors, and it is a miracle.

Phil Blizzard, CEO of ThunderWorks in Durham, N.C. has created a couple of products to calm down your dog and cat.  The first product created is the successful Thundershirt. This product swaddles tightly around your dog. It calms down your dog the same way that swaddling calms down a baby. I have used the Thundershirt. The only downside of the Thundershirt is if you live in hot weather; your dog will start to sweat.

Stopping Bad Behavior in Dogs

Thunderease is the latest product created by Phil Blizzard. Thunderease copies the mother dog’s pheromones so that her puppies will stop the destructive chewing, non-stop barking and other not so desirable behaviors. After a mother dog delivers her puppies, she emits a pheromone that makes her puppies feel calm and secure. This pheromone also is the reason why mother dog bonds with her puppies. In addition, the pheromone also helps the puppies to bond with each other. Veterinarians recommend Thunderease for puppies and for adult dogs.

Many working dogs such as, Labs, Border Collies, Doberman Pinschers, Huskies are incredibly hyper. Doberman Pinschers, even neutered and spayed dogs, love to escape. (It is so heartbreaking and stressful on the family, when your dog escapes from the house.) Thunderease can curb this bad behavior, and it is available as a diffuser. It is wise to put a diffuser in each room of your house. Then, you will be able to modify bad behaviors, such as, escaping, chewing, digging and barking. Immediately, you’ll notice that your dog is a wonderful family pet. Thunderease website beats Amazon.com in price.

Stopping Bad Behavior in Cats

It is unfortunate today that cats need to be indoors; however, coyotes make it is necessary. Coyotes are savvy, and know where your cats roam so your cats need to be kept safe. Part of being kept safe though causes cats to cry out in frustration because they want so badly to go outside. Cats act out by clawing your furniture and incessantly meowing. Fortunately, Thunderease calms down your cat so that your cat will happily stay indoors. *Check out my other blog on tips how to keep your cat happy indoors. https://petrescue.blog/how-to-keep-your-cat-indoors/

Thunderease is available as a diffuser. Plugging in a diffuser in each room will keep your indoor cat calm. Humans don’t notice the smell, but your cats will be able to detect the pheromone. Thunderease website beats Amazon.com in price.

In Conclusion

Thundershirt and Thunderease do not replace training. However, these products make training easier. All pets, even cats, can learn how to walk properly on a leash. By using Thunderease , your pet will learn quicker not to pull on the leash.