Legislative Changes for Pets in 2017

In the last 12 months, there has been several legislative and regulatory changes revolving around pets. This blog only includes some of the changes.

  • Higher Compensation for Wrongfully Injured dogs: Before this ruling, wrongfully injured pets were rewarded a fraction of the cost to heal the injured pet. And the defendant only got a slap on the wrist. The California Second Appeals Court opined that pets are still personal property, but their value is more than a piece of furniture. http://bit.ly/2AJgmUI
  • Pet Sale Ban: For the first time in the nation, California has banned the sale for cats, dogs and rabbits that come from a breeder. The entrepreneurs, pet store owners and breeders, are not happy with this new regulation. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoed the pet sale ban arguing that pet store owners do not get their animals from unethical breeders. (This blogger though has seen a customer get fooled. The pure bred Labrador puppy, costing $400, bought at the pet store looks a lot like a Labrador/Greyhound mix.)
  • Shelter Oversight: Shelters and rescue centers have in the past not been regulated. That changes in 2017 in a couple of states. Shelters in Connecticut must be licensed and inspected. Louisiana now requires annual training for shelter inspectors. Shelters in these states are required to have accurate records and disposition reports. In other words, nonprofit shelters and rescue organizations in Connecticut and Louisiana are under the same state regulations that cover licensed pet dealers.
  • Exotic Animal Ban: Hedgehogs, sugar gliders and large non-venomous snakes are declared unfit to be companion animals. In addition, many people, who breed exotic animals, are banned from doing so. This makes good sense since exotic animals such as, tigers, have the same instincts as animals in the wild.
  • Ban of Ornamental Fish: This ban began when Walmart abused its ornamental fish by keeping its Betta fish in murky, yellow water. Several of the Betta fish died in the dirty aquariums.
    Betta fish make good pets.
    Betta Fish or Siamese Fighting Fish

    There are 158 varieties of ornamental fish that are found in Hawaii and in fish farms. The court order prohibits collecting ornamental fish in Hawaii, as well as, prohibiting fish farmers from raising ornamental fish. It will take a lot of money to reverse this decision.

In Conclusion

Laws need to be updated to reflect the public’s attitude. People are not tolerating the abuse of any animal that is for sale. Responsible breeders and sellers of animals though are being punished for the bad deeds of unethical breeders and sellers of animals. Unfortunately, this happens in every field, when regulations need to be put in place. What also happens, when there are regulations, are the “under the table” deals. Overall, the goal for the regulations is to better the treatment of animals.