How to Afford Pet Costs

The best psychologist today has fur. Having a pet is a trend that is growing, due to the stressful world in which we live. 65% of families in America today own a pet such as, a bird, cat, dog, snake, tarantula and the list continues. Whether your pet is a pet pocket or a parrot, your pet is going to cost you money.

Kids, especially, don’t really realize the long term commitment of having a pet. Kids get excited about playing with a pet for one day, but you have a pet for the pet’s lifetime. Having a pet is a financial commitment.

Click here for a breakdown of the costs of having a pet for a lifetime. The first cost is the acquisition cost and that cost is followed by the medical cost, grooming cost, food cost , the training cost and veterinarian costs. Generally, the initial cost of adopting a dog is around $1,200 and the lifetime  cost of having the dog is $14,400. The initial cost of having a cat is $300, and the lifetime cost of having a cat is $4,500.

Helping People, Helping Pets

Helping People, Helping Pets is part of the United Way. This charity provides low cost, no cost and food assistance. The goal is to help the people keep their pets healthy.

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy means knowledge and skills to stay out of debt. Having financial literacy skills will enable you to make wise decisions; for instance, knowing that Pet Loans exist will  keep you in the green. A pet loan is a smart way to take care of your furry family member. Instead of one lump sum to pay for the initial cost of a pet, a pet loan provides affordable monthly payments to pay for the breeder, pet supplies,  your trainer, and your veterinarian. Plus, people with a not so great credit score are eligible for a pet loan.

This is a common scenario. A pet gets injured or gets sick. The ER visit costs as much as your monthly mortgage. The pet owner has to decide whether to make his/her pet healthy or to pay the monthly mortgage. The majority of people will choose to help their pet and miss their monthly mortgage payment. A smarter move is apply for a Pet Loan. Then, you can take care of your pet without going into debt.

In Conclusion

Pets are therapeutic. Looking into those beautiful eyes melts away all the stress of your day. And with all of the stressors in today’s world, people cope better when there is a loyal pet giving them unconditional love.

Before you adopt a pet, read the “Pet Ownership Guide of 2017” After reading about the costs of pet care, everyone stay calm. The good news is that you have learned about Pet Loans which makes having a pet affordable.

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