Essential Oils Are Toxic to Cats

A remedy for a cold is to add eucalyptus oil to a diffuser. The eucalyptus aroma will break up congestion, and you will feel better. Unfortunately, when your cat breathes in the aroma of an Eucalyptus Essential Oil, your cat can become lethargic, unstable on his/her feet and drool excessively.

When you see these symptoms, take your cat to the vet immediately! Your vet can give your cat antibiotics and vitamins, and your cat should be fine, if your cat is treated right away. However, being exposed to Essential Oils for a long period of time will have a detrimental effects on your cat. A cat’s liver cannot metabolize Essential Oils. The result of smelling Essential Oils for long periods of time can cause severe liver damage in your cat, and death will follow.

Essential Oils Potentially Toxic to Cats (This list is not all-inclusive) :

  • Peppermint.
  • Lemon Oil.
  • Lavender Oil.
  • Melaleuca Oil.
  • Orange.
  • Rosemary.
  • Tea Tree Oil.
  • Cinnamon Bark Oil.
  • Wintergreen Oil.
  • Thyme Oil.
  • Eucalyptus Oil.

Sense of Smell

The reason your furry friend cannot tolerate Essential Oil aromas is because cats and dogs have noses that are more sensitive than human noses. For this reason, Essential Oils aromas are overwhelming to animals even though the aromas smell wonderful to humans. If  you do need to use Essential Oils, you can place your pet in a scent-free room, and close the door.


Hydrosols, also known as flower water, are an alternative to Essential Oils. Hydrosols are safer to animals than Essential Oils since Hydrosols are less saturated since the aroma is in the water. Your pet’s exposure to Hydrosols still must be limited.

In Conclusion

Aroma Therapy uses Essential Oils to relieve anxiety, depression, stress and other condition. Every drop of a certain Essential Oil, which comes from a plant stem, flower or bark,  can induce a certain mood. For instance, Citrus Oils Essential Oils energize in order to relieve depression, and Lavender Essential Oils calm.

It is shocking to me that companies that sell Essential Oils do not put a warning label on the box! The warning label needs to state how harmful Essential Oils are to animals. This shocking omission needs to be changed.

A veterinarian, Melissa Shelton DVM, has created Essential Oils that animals can tolerate. (Watch the video) Dr. Shelton’s products makes it possible to use Aroma Therapy to remedy medical conditions. Aroma Therapy is also effective on children. Dr. Shelton has created these Essential Oils because her children have specialized needs, and could not tolerate traditional medicine. Dr. Shelton’s products don’t have toxic effects on your furry friends. Her website is

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